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Established in 1992

Chemical Specialties

We are a trusted distributor of high-quality chemical specialties for the industry, serving a wide variety of specialty chemicals that are essential for various industrial processes and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions and superior quality products. Provide exceptional customer service and technical support, ensuring that our clients receive the right product at the right time, every time. We recognize the pivotal role that distribution plays in the success of the chemical industry. With our extensive network of suppliers, robust logistics capabilities, and industry expertise, we are committed to providing exceptional distribution services tailored to requirements of our customers. Our mission is to streamline the supply chain, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of chemical specialties to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Some of our products

Eversorb 80

CAS: 104810-48-2 ; 104810-47-1 ; 25322-68-3

Chemical formula: 400-830-7

Eversorb 93

CAS: 41556-26-7/82919-37-7

Chemical formula: 915-687-0

Eversorb 109

CAS: 83044-89-7 ; 83044-90-0

Chemical formula: 280-171-8

Eversorb 82

CAS: 127519-17-9

Chemical formula: 407-000-3

Eversorb 40S

CAS: 153519-44-9

Chemical formula: 604-910-4/203-603-9

Eversorb 94 FD

CAS: 65447-77-0

Chemical formula: 613-797-0

Everaox 1010

CAS: 6683-19-8

Chemical formula: 687-966-2

Everaox 101

CAS: 125643-61-0

Chemical formula: 603-084-2

Everaox 1076P

CAS: 2082-79-3

Chemical formula: 218-216-0