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Eversorb AQ Series

Eversorb AQ series are a iquid type and high performance UV light stabilizer blendings for waterborne coatings. It is suitable for coatings under high baking temperature and extreme conditions. The product is able to use with water borne systems directly.  It recommended for industrial, automotive, wood, plastics and building coatings particularly.

– Easily handing
– High transparency within waterborne clear coating
– Improve gloss retention
– Excellent color retention
– Improve coating durability

Eversorb AQ Series:
– Eversorb AQ1
– Eversorb AQ2
– Eversorb AQ3
– Eversorb AQ4
– Eversorb AQ5
– Eversorb AQ6
– Eversorb AQ7
– Eversorb AQ8
– Eversorb AQ9
– Eversorb AQ10
– Eversorb AQ11

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