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About us

Our company

Established in 1992

Specialized in the marketing, sales and distribution of raw materials

Triconor was established in 1992 and is specialized in the marketing, sales and distribution of raw materials for the food, feed, chemical, polymer and pharmaceutical industries. Based on exclusive and/or authorized distribution agreements with well-established multinationals and specialized producers from around the world we supply a wide range of raw materials to the industry. As a trusted partner to numerous manufacturers and suppliers, we specialize in efficiently delivering a wide range of high quality products and raw materials, to businesses across the globe. Today, services and sales are realized by our offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

Efficient Distribution

We control the entire supply chain

An essential part of the distribution of raw materials in highly competitive markets is management of the logistics, securing both the quality of service and short delivery times to the end user. We are dedicated to streamlining the supply chain process and providing exceptional distribution services that exceed our client’s expectations. We control the entire supply chain through our own in-house department and therefore provide an effective bridge between producer and end user. To achieve this we use a number of storage locations in Europe and cooperate with well-established logistics providers. With a vast network of logistics professionals, warehouses and transportation resources, we have the expertise and infrastructure to handle a diverse range of products for various industries.

Long-term relationships

Reliability and exceptional customer service

In our day-to-day business, we aspire long-term relationships, with suppliers and customers based on trust, reliability and exceptional customer services. Continuity is therefore a key element within our organization. Our way of performing business, characterized by knowledge, openness and mutual trust, carried out by a competent and professional group of people. Our knowledgeable and responsive team is always ready to assist our customers, providing personalized solutions, expert advice, and timely updates on their shipments. Our team can adequately anticipate market developments and meet your specific needs by combining expertise with flexibility. We work closely with our customers to offer tailored solutions that optimize their processes and enhance their final products.

Experience the reliability, quality, and efficiency of our distribution services as we empower your business to thrive and succeed in today’s dynamic market.