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Established in 1992

Animal nutrition

Triconor is the trusted partner in the distribution of high-quality ingredients for the feed industry. We specialize in connecting feed manufactures with a diverse range of premium ingredients, enabling them to produce nutritious and balanced animal feed products. We understand the vital role that ingredients play in ensuring optimal animal nutrition and well-being. Our mission is to provide feed manufactures with a reliable supply of top-notch ingredients that meet the specific dietary needs of various animal species. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses a wide array of feed ingredients, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, additives and more. We collaborate with reputable suppliers known for their commitment to quality. Traceability and compliance with industry regulations. Quality and safety are our utmost priorities.

Some of our products

Glucone Delta Lactone

CAS: 90-80-2

Chemical formula: 202-016-5

Sorbitol 70%

CAS: 68425-17-2 / 1259528-21-6

Chemical formula: 270-337-8 / 200-061-5

Xanthan gum

CAS: 11138-66-2

Chemical formula: 234-394-2


CAS: 107-35-7

Chemical formula: 203-483-8

Lecithin Non GMO

CAS: 8002-43-5

Chemical formula: 232-307-2

Monosodium Glutamate

CAS: 142-47-2

Chemical formula: 205-538-1

Monopropylene Glycol

CAS: 57-55-6

Chemical formula: 200-338-0

Citric Acid

CAS: 77-92-9

Chemical formula: 201-069-1