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Our standards

Quality & Certification


Consistency & Quality Control

Raw materials need to meet stringent quality standards to ensure consistency and performance in the manufacturing process. Triconor invests in quality control measures, conducting inspections, testing and certifications to verify the quality of the raw materials we distribute. By providing certified materials, we offer assurance to customers that their materials meet the required specifications and quality standards.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Additionally, Triconor commands the ISO 9001 certification. It demonstrates our company’s dedication to quality management and its commitment to meet customer expectations. By implementing and maintaining a robust quality management system, we can enhance our reputation, gain customer trust, and improve overall business performance.


By obtaining the GMP+ certificate, Triconor demonstrates its dedication to ensuring the safety and quality of our products. This certificate enhances Triconor’s credibility, allows us to participate in the feed and food supply chain with confidence and opens up new business opportunities. Additionally, it reinforces customer trust.