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Evertint Blue R-01

Evertint Blue R-01 is a reactive, liquid polymeric blue colorant. By reacting the inherent OH functional groups on Evertint Blue R-01 with the isocyanate groups on PU polymer, Evertint Blue R-01 can chemically bond to PU polymer matrix directly. Therefore providing Evertint Blue R-01 with better color strength, stronger color fastness and less color migration comparing with conventional PU color paste. It’s not only the most economical and convenient way for dyeing PU foam; also could be widely used in foam, elastomer, adhesive, synthetic leather and casting PU applications.

– Due to chemically bonding with PU polymer, color migration is rarely happened
– Under normal condition, using Evertint would not interfere the PU foaming process
– Highly compatible with both polyester and polyether system. Low viscosity, less color streak, slit, and pin hole
– Color strength is 3-5 times higher than conventional PU color paste
– No heavy metal and no scotching
– Excellent migration-resistance and solvent-resistance

Dark, blue liquid
Solubility: Water soluble
Viscosity (cps.25℃): <5000
Density: 1.1
OH Value: 84-94
Functionality: 4

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