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Eversorb 62

CAS: 191743-75-6

EC number: 426-650-9

Eversorb 62 (SR152) is a light stabilizer of the hindered amine class (HALS) that significantly improves coatings durability.

– N-O-R alkoxyamine (aminoether) light stabilizer (radical scavenger)
– Reactable primary hydroxyl enabling to co-condense with melamine and isocyanate cross-linkers and to exhibit improved compatibility and resistance to migration in many systems, such as coatings over plastics
– Low basicity, making SR152 suitable for use in acid catalyzed systems and in coatings using acidic pigments

Molecular Weight - 756,6 g/mol
Melting point: 83-90ºC
Solubility at 20ºC (g/100g solvent): - Methyl amyl ketone: 75 - n-Butyl acetate: 70 - Water: <0,01 - Xylene: 70 - Isobutanol: 60

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