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Versatile and widely used group of materials


Plastics are a versatile and widely used group of materials that have transformed countless industries and everyday life. They are a type of synthetic polymer derived from petrochemicals or renewable resources. Plastics offer a wide range of properties and can be molded or shaped into various forms, making them suitable for a vast array of applications.

One of the key advantages of plastics is their durability and lightweight nature. They have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning they can provide robustness and structural integrity while keeping weight low. This characteristic makes plastic ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical, such as automotive, aerospace and packaging industries. Additionally, the durability of plastics contributes to their long lifespan and resistance to weathering, chemicals, construction, household and high impact.

Electronic plastics

Enhance the durability of plastics in the electronic industry with Triconor

Plastics play a crucial role in the electronics industry, being widely utilized for outer parts of electric appliances, optical films, cables, and more. Triconor understands the importance of ensuring the longevity and performance of plastics in these applications.

We offer high weather-resistance solutions tailored specifically for the electronics industry. Innovative solutions provide enhanced protection against the detrimental effects of outdoor environments, including UV exposure and weathering. With our weather-resistance solutions, you can trust that your plastic components will maintain their integrity, appearance, and performance over time.

Furthermore, we also offer customer-made low-dust granulated products to meet specific requirements. These customized solutions minimize the generation of dust during production processes, ensuring a cleaner manufacturing environment and reducing potential contamination risks.

Automotive plastics

Enhance the future of lightweight automotive design with Triconor

The automotive industry is embracing a future trend focused on lightweight design, and high-performance plastics are leading the way in replacing traditional metal substrates. To fulfill the demands for lightweight and safety requirements, the industry continuously strives to improve the physical properties of plastic composite materials, aiming to surpass the rigidity of metal substrates.

However, plastics sourced from polymers are susceptible to the effects of outdoor environments. Yellowing and chalking can negatively affect the physical properties of plastics, compromising their performance and appearance.

At Triconor, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of automotive plastic parts. That is why we provide high weather-resistance solutions specifically tailored to automotive applications. Our solutions ensure minimal changes in transparency and initial colors, allowing the plastic parts to maintain their performance and aesthetic appeal in the face of challenging environmental conditions.

Construction plastics

Unleash architectural elegance with weather-resistance solutions

Transparent materials offer architects the opportunity to design elegant houses with enhanced natural lighting. While glass has long been a popular building material, its limitations in weight and inflexibility have restricted its application. However, significant advancements in polymer technologies have led to the development of lightweight and versatile transparent building materials, such as polycarbonate sheets and PVC building materials.

Although these plastic materials enable diverse shapes and designs, they tend to be more susceptible to UV light compared to traditional glass and cement. This vulnerability can lead to problems for our building materials, including discoloration, chalking, fracturing, and water leakage.

At Triconor, we comprehend the challenges that come along with transparent building materials and we therefore offer a comprehensive weather-resistance protection solution. Our innovative solutions are designed to address these concerns, ensuring the durability and performance of outdoor building materials. With our weather-resistance solutions, you can confidently overcome issues like discoloration, chalking, fracturing, and water leakage.

Household plastics

Elevate the performance of polyolefin with Triconor

Polyolefin polymers are widely used in household applications due to their high resistance to acids and alkalis, low toxicity, and affordability. These versatile materials find their use in various everyday products such as bottles, packages, and more.

Triconor provide high weather-resistance and high-compatibility solutions specifically tailored to polyolefin materials. Innovative additives ensure that your polyolefin products maintain their integrity, appearance, and performance even in demanding outdoor environments. With our solutions, you can trust that your polyolefin materials will withstand the effects of weathering and retain their quality over time.

In addition to household applications, polyolefin  used in wood plastic components (WPC), which are prone to discoloration and loss of physical properties when exposed to prolonged sunlight. This is primarily due to the sensitivity of wood flour’s lignin and the pigments used in WPC to ultraviolet light. To address this issue, Triconor offers and distributes the Eversorbâ„¢ series of light stabilizers specifically designed for outdoor use with WPC materials.