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From sticking labels to complex industrial structures

Adhesives and sealants

Adhesives play a crucial role in our everyday lives, serving as the invisible heroes that hold objects together. From sticking labels onto packages to assembling complex industrial structures, adhesives provide a versatile and efficient tool of bonding materials. Ranging from the simplest glues to UV curing adhesives, instant glues, and structural adhesives. They are a fundamental part of various industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive electronics and even healthcare.

There are numerous types of adhesives available, each with its own unique properties and suitable applications.

Adhesives for industrial materials

Discover a wide range of industrial adhesives and sealants with Triconor’s UV protection solutions

The world of industrial materials relies on an extensive array of adhesives and sealants, catering to diverse needs. From the simplicity of white glues to the sophistication of UV curing adhesives, instant glues, structural adhesives, metallic and heterogeneous adhesives, as well as silica gels and modified silica gels adhesives, we offer a comprehensive selection to suit every application.

Over time, adhesives and sealants face the harsh realities of their environment, battling the relentless presence of light, heat, oxygen, and moisture. Material degradation becomes an inevitable challenge. That is where Triconor steps in with our range of UV absorber and light stabilizer products. We understand the importance of maintaining the weather resistance and physical properties of adhesives and sealants across different systems and formulations. UV protection solutions, specially designed to meet these requirements, whether it is RTV, HMA, oil-based, or water-based products.

By incorporating our UV absorber and light stabilizer products, you can effectively elongate the shelf life and enhance the reliability of your industrial materials. Our solutions act as a shield, safeguarding against the detrimental effects of environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

Adhesives for construction materials

Ensure reliable adhesion and long-lasting bonding with UV protection solutions

Triconor recognizes the importance of protecting polymers against UV degradation while maintaining reliable adhesion and long-lasting bonding in various applications. To address these requirements, we have developed highly effective UV absorbers and light stabilizers specifically designed for adhesives and sealants. In the construction market, Eversorb UV additives offer innovative solutions for durable adhesion on different substrates, even in challenging weathering conditions such as UV light and heat. Our additives provide superior protection against UV degradation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of adhesive and sealant bonds.

Select Triconor as your trusted distributor for UV protection solutions in the adhesives and sealants industry. Our advanced additives, are carefully formulated to enhance the durability and performance of your products, allowing them to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Experience the benefits of Triconor’s expertise and innovative UV protection solutions. Ensure reliable adhesion, long-lasting bonding, and exceptional performance in your adhesive and sealant applications, even when facing challenging weathering conditions.

Adhesives for automotive materials

Experience enhanced durability in lightweight composite and reinforced plastics with Triconor

The automotive industry is increasingly adopting lightweight composite and reinforced plastics to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle weight. Simultaneously, the use of adhesives and sealants in automotive parts is replacing traditional welding and mechanical fast™eners, enabling the bonding of different materials while keeping weight to a minimum. However, this shift presents new challenges in meeting the stringent requirements for bond strength and durability in automotive applications, including structural bonding and electronic systems.

Triconor distributes the Eversorb™ series, which provides a wide range of light stabilizers and UV absorbers, designed to protect resins in adhesives and sealants, such as epoxy, polyurethane, and PVC. By effectively mitigating the effects of light degradation, our additives enhance the durability and mechanical performance of the bonded materials. This ensures that the adhesives and sealants meet the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry, providing long-lasting and reliable performance.

Consider Triconor as your dependable companion and distributor for enhancing the durability of lightweight composite and reinforced plastics. Eversorb™ series offers tailored solutions to protect resins in adhesives and sealants, maintaining their mechanical performance and ensuring they meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry.