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Evertint Polymeric Colourants

Evertint Polymeric Colourants

Evertint Polymeric Colourants (Blue R-01, Orange R-01, Red R-01) are designed for polyurethane applications, such as foam, elastomers, adhesives and synthetic leather industires. Evertint series are liquid polyol-bound dye compounds. Not color dispersion but graft copolymerization.

Evertint series are highly compatible with both polyether and polyester polyurethane system and are your best choices for vivid color and long-term color fastness than tradiional colour paste.


  • High strenght colour
  • Non heavy-metal inside
  • Non leaching colors, non abrasive colours

Your benefits

  • Low viscosity for easy pumping at room temperature
  • Easy clean and reduced toxicity and irritation
  • Reduce waste
  • Easily dispersed and quickly change color during production

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