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Eversorb AQ5

Eversorb AQ5 is a liquid type NOR hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) for waterborne coatings. It is suitable for non-basic system and provides significant improved waterborne coating durability. Eversorb AQ5 can be used in wide varieties of pigmented waterborne coating system. It recommended for industrial, automotive, wood, plastics and building coatings particularly.

– Improve discolor
– Improve gloss retention
– Prevent cracking
– Easily handing

Yellow to amber liquid
Solubility at 25ºC (g/100g solvent):- Butylcarbitol: >50 - Butyl acetate: >50 - Xylene: >50 - 1-Methoxy-2-propylacetate: >50 - MEK: >50 - Water: < 50
Dynamic Viscosity at 25ºC: 1800-2400 mPa.s

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